Updated Update

Am now home. Of the good, regular ortho is having mini-refill of pain meds expressed to me for delivery tomorrow. Of the suck, am minus the lidocaine patches the pain management doc prescribed for my fractured ribs, as Rite Aid wanted, oh, in the neighbourhood of $270 for just 30 patches.


Can’t win them all, huh?

ETA: Updated the updated update to add that each time I end up in the hospital? I wind up with a more and more colorful collection of wrist bracelets…


Been hospitalized since Monday.Ended up vomiting from migraine and then back and rib pain went crazy. Turns out ribs are fractured and I have several deeply bruised vertebrae.

Oh what fun…

Hopefully will be released tomorrow. And then I just have to suck it up until I see my regular ortho on Tuesday, when I can get my pain management meds refilled. Really hope things get at least a little better before the holidays or this month is going to truly suck.


Firstly, thank you so very much to everyone who commented or messaged me regarding my last post. Your kind words and well wishes mean a lot to me and I am once again grateful and humbled to have such an awesome flist – thank you for being so wonderful and compassionate.

Secondly, we got a copy of the police report and it fully vindicates me of any responsibility for the accident. The other driver is guilty of failing to yield the right of way, and he even admitted to the police officer that he ‘hadn’t seen me’.

O.o. How he didn’t see me, in such a well lit intersection, at dusk with my headlights fully on, facing him head on? That’s a mystery that will never be solved. Though, I suspect he was too busy talking to his wife in the passenger seat to pay any attention to, you know, the actual *car he was driving*, or the road he was on during *rush hour*. If he happens to have a history of accidents? I will not be at all surprised.

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Wow, that sucked… or ‘How my car was totaled’

So Monday evening, my car was totaled and I ended up in the hospital.

I’d just left work, Monday being the one day a week that I go in to my brother-in-law’s computer consulting office, and was heading from the office towards the LIE. I had just turned at a light and was just accelerating, when some idiot in a Suburban decided at the last minute to try to turn in front of me to go into a mall parking lot. He started to turn, maybe TEN FEET away from me, and then he just stopped. Right in my path. I tried to break but he was so close and it happened so fast, there was no stopping, no swerving, I just slammed right into him.

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Testing, testing…

Okay, just testing out a WordPress account I’d forgot I’d created and then left unused. So now, I’m playing around in it to see how it compares with LJ/DW (which, don’t worry, I have no intention of abandoning). Nothing much to say right now, mainly because I’m exhausted and my mouth is killing me from dental surgery, but hopefully I’ll be able to get on soon and post a longer entry, not to mention get to spend some serious time catching up with everyone on my flist.

That’s it for now, off to be nocturnal and practice my insomnia! 😉