Prayers urgently needed

My sister, the one who is ex-army, and her boyfriend (the grandfather of little Jack who had the heart transplant) lived together for 8 years. In September, they decided to get married.

Sunday night, they came home after going out to dinner. Then her husband, John, suffered a massive stroke and was rushed to the hospital and ICU.

My baby brother and his wife jumped in the car and called me at 2 am on their way to LA from San Francisco.

Later calls brought the news that, though there was some evidence of thinking going on, there was nothing the doctors could do, that he was still bleeding out and they don’t think he will last long.

My brother told me that, once the doctors declare him brain dead, they’ll wait 24 hours before taking him off life support. Apparently John had long made his wishes clear that in an event like this, he did not want to be kept alive by machines, and my sister plans on respecting those wishes. Even though she’ll have to say goodbye to ‘her best friend’.

I don’t know if there are miracles out there, but if you could say a prayer to whatever gods or goddesses or spirits you believe in, I’d be grateful. Because right now, my heart is breaking for my sister, who was alone for so long before she found John, and now the life she thought they’d have together is being torn away. And that is just so heartbreakingly unfair.


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