Firstly, thank you so very much to everyone who commented or messaged me regarding my last post. Your kind words and well wishes mean a lot to me and I am once again grateful and humbled to have such an awesome flist – thank you for being so wonderful and compassionate.

Secondly, we got a copy of the police report and it fully vindicates me of any responsibility for the accident. The other driver is guilty of failing to yield the right of way, and he even admitted to the police officer that he ‘hadn’t seen me’.

O.o. How he didn’t see me, in such a well lit intersection, at dusk with my headlights fully on, facing him head on? That’s a mystery that will never be solved. Though, I suspect he was too busy talking to his wife in the passenger seat to pay any attention to, you know, the actual *car he was driving*, or the road he was on during *rush hour*. If he happens to have a history of accidents? I will not be at all surprised.

Thirdly, I received a call from our insurance company. Except for a $200 deductible, I will be fully covered for all the medical bills. Also, since the accident prevented me from working this week, I’m also covered for lost wages. I have to fill out an application, and my brother-in-law has to fill out a wage confirmation form, but I’ll receive 80% of what I would have earned if the accident hadn’t prevented me from working. God only knows how long it will take them to process the red tape and it doesn’t help right now, but it will be something nice to look forward to receiving.

Fourthly, the car is officially declared totaled, so now we just have to wait for the insurance company to buy the remainder of the lease. Once they do that, I’ll be leasing another Honda Civic. Maybe even a 2013 model, if they’re out yet.

Lastly, my ribs are making me absolutely *miserable*. I can’t hardly sleep, movement of my torso at all is NOT fun and forget trying to raise my arms above shoulder height. I read somewhere that bruised ribs can take 4 to 6 weeks to stop hurting so badly. Does anyone know if that’s true? And does anyone have any advice or tips on how to cope with the pain, get some sleep, etc? As always, I’d be tremendously grateful for any help or suggestions.
I’ll be replying to comments & messages as soon as I feel up to it, but until then, *hugs* to you all.

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